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  • A Victorian Silver-gilt Quill Prize For Penmanship From Christ’s Hospital School.

    A Victorian silver-gilt Quill Prize for Penmanship from Christ’s Hospital School.

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  • A William IV Scottish Silver Foot Race Prize.

    A William IV Scottish silver Foot Race Prize.

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  • A William IV Silver Ticket For The Stadium At Cremorne House, Chelsea.

    A William IV silver Ticket for the Stadium at Cremorne House, Chelsea.

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  • An 18th Century Brass Plaque Finely Engraved With The Arms Of The Royal Humanitarian Society.

    An 18th century brass Plaque finely engraved with the arms of The Royal Humanitarian Society.

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  • An Early 19th Century Unmarked Silver-gilt Masonic Jewel.

    An early 19th century unmarked silver-gilt Masonic Jewel.

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  • An Early Victorian  Scottish Silver Midwifery Medal.

    An early Victorian Scottish silver Midwifery Medal.

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  • An Early Victorian Silver Agricultural Prize Medal For Wheat.

    An early Victorian silver Agricultural Prize Medal for Wheat.

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  • An Early Victorian Silver Prize Medal For Grass Seeds.

    An early Victorian silver Prize Medal for Grass Seeds.

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  • An Exceptional Australian High Carat Gold And Silver Miniature Spade.

    An exceptional Australian high carat Gold and Silver miniature Spade.

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  • An Interesting George III Silver Jewel For The Tewkesbury Lodge Of Oddfellows.

    An interesting George III silver Jewel for the Tewkesbury Lodge of Oddfellows.

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  • An Unmarked Scottish Silver Curling Medal

    An unmarked Scottish silver Curling Medal

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  • An Unmarked Silver Badge For A ‘Beefsteak’ Dining Club.

    An unmarked silver Badge for a ‘Beefsteak’ Dining Club.

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