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  • An Unmarked Victorian Silver Pincushion With A View Of Windsor Castle.

    An unmarked Victorian silver Pincushion with a view of Windsor Castle.

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  • An Unusual Victorian Silver Regimental Table Lighter Formed As An Elephant.

    An unusual Victorian silver Regimental Table Lighter formed as an Elephant.

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  • Four Tiny Toy Silver Spoons.

    Four Tiny Toy silver Spoons.

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  • Lady Ilchester’s Silver Dog Collar.

    Lady Ilchester’s silver Dog Collar.

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  • Two European Silver 17th Century Plaques.

    Two European silver 17th century Plaques.

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  • Two Late 19th Century Unmarked Silver And Shagreen Cases.

    Two late 19th century unmarked silver and shagreen cases.

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  • Two Little Presents From Queen Charlotte.

    Two little Presents from Queen Charlotte.

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  • Two Small Victorian Silver Bowls And Two Sifting Spoons, Hukin And Heath.

    Two small Victorian silver Bowls and two sifting Spoons, Hukin and Heath.

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  • Two Victorian Silver Jorrocks Paperweights.

    Two Victorian silver Jorrocks Paperweights.

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