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  • An Early 19th Century Base Metal Trick-opening Snuff Box.

    An early 19th century base metal trick-opening Snuff Box.

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  • An Early 19th Century Nickel Allow Snuffbox.

    An early 19th century nickel allow Snuffbox.

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  • An Edwardian Silver Souvenir Of The First Asswan Dam.

    An Edwardian silver Souvenir of the first Asswan Dam.

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  • An Edwardian Silver Travelling Paintbox.

    An Edwardian silver travelling Paintbox.

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  • An Interesting 18th Century American Silver Spectacles Case For A New York Merchant.

    An interesting 18th century American silver Spectacles Case for a New York merchant.

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  • An Interesting Asprey And Company Silver 1930’s Cigarette Box.

    An interesting Asprey and Company silver 1930’s Cigarette Box.

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  • An Interesting Wood And Copper Souvenir Of The Betsy Cains.

    An interesting Wood and Copper Souvenir of the Betsy Cains.

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  • An Intriguing Victorian Silver Money Game With Enamel Cards.

    An intriguing Victorian silver Money Game with enamel cards.

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  • An Unmarked Silver Vinaigrette.

    An unmarked silver Vinaigrette.

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  • An Unusual Late 17th Century English Silver Box.

    An unusual late 17th century English silver Box.

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  • Ethel Doggett’s Silver Stamp Case.

    Ethel Doggett’s silver Stamp Case.

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  • George III Double Compartment Box

    George III double compartment Box

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