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The Opening of the new Goldsmiths' Hall in London

A leaflet on the opening of the new Goldsmiths' Company Building in 1835 found inside George Lambert's copy of 'Memorials of the Goldsmiths' Company'. The leaflet may have been preserved by Francis Lambert.

Edward Aldridge I silversmith.

An exploration of the available evidence on the life of Edward Aldridge I and his family.

Two Curious Gothic letters and Louis Hamon, Silversmith.

A short essay on a mark in the 'Unregistered Marks' section of 'London Goldsmiths 1697 to 1837' by Arthur Grimwade and the career of the silversmith Louis Hamon [Lewis Hamon]. This is a first draft and subject to further research....

Family Business: Robert Collier, the master of James Phipps I, silversmith.

An examination of the links between the Collier and Phipps families of Witney and London. Now amended to include new information relating to Elizabeth Collier.

John Fossey and John Fessey: a confusion resolved.

A short essay on an eighteenth century London Goldsmith and a London engraver of the same period.

Traprain Law silver reproductions by Brook and Sons of Edinburgh

A Catalogue of Traprain Law and other silver made by Brook and Sons of Edinburgh in the 1920's. The haul of Roman silver, found at Traprain Law, to the south east of Edinburgh, in 1919, was copied by Brook and Sons, of George Street, Edinburgh and usually marked 'Traprain Treasure 1919 Authorised Reproduction.' Brook and Sons continued making these copies into the mid-1930's. Few of the Roman pieces were found intact - most had been cut into pieces - and hence some of the Brook and Sons pieces were interpretations rather than exact copies. This is a large file which may take a few moments to load.

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