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A Victorian travelling Coach Light.

A Victorian silver-gilt Travelling Candlestick, London 1883, Walter Thornhill, with spring-loading for a wax candle and hinged spikes for attachment to a carriage upholstered interior. The cap appl...    Read more

Maker: WALTER THORNHILL, LONDON (worked c.1875-c.1912)


A Victorian novelty Condiment Set.

A Victorian novelty three-piece miniature silver Condiment Set, made as if of leather, London 1887, Edward Hutton.

The dimensions given below are for the mustard pot. The weight given ...    Read more

Maker: EDWARD HUTTON OF WM. HUTTON & SONS (worked from c.1893)


A Victorian novelty Skewer or Letter Opener.

A Victorian small Skewer in the form of a sword, London 1865, Henry Holland.    Read more



A pair of silver Shoe Buckles for a West Country man.

A pair of large George III Shoe Buckles with steel chapes, Exeter circa 1790, Richard Ferris.    Read more

Maker: RICHARD FERRIS, EXETER (worked 1789-1810)


A William IV Vinaigrette

A William IV Vinaigrette with engine turned decoration and cast applied floral border, Birmingham 1836, Nathaniel Mills. The top with contemporary gothic initials 'M.A.P.'    Read more

Maker: NATHANIEL MILLS, BIRMINGHAM (worked 1826-1857)


A George III Nutmeg Grater

A George III oval Nutmeg Grater, Birmingham 1807, Matthew Linwood.    Read more

Maker: MATTHEW LINWOOD OF BIRMINGHAM (worked 1773-1820)


A souvenir of the Betsy Cains.

Betsy Cains.
A circular wooden Snuffbox, the pull-off lid inset with copper inscribed: 'Made from the Wreck of the Betsy Cains 1688 which brought King William to England.' and in the centre: ...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A 20th century Enamelled Box

A 20th century Box with pull-off lid, Birmingham 1964, the maker 'EJ' above 'R'. The lid is enamelled with a pattern of flower-heads.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Scottish Plaid Brooch.

A Scottish Plaid Brooch, the motto 'Non Sed Caveo' surrounding a crest. Unmarked circa 1880.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An unusual Pickle Spoon

A Queens pattern Pickle Fork/Spoon, of unusual design, London 1917, John Marshall Spink.    Read more

Maker: JOHN MARSHALL SPINK (worked c.1880-1900)


A Pickle Fork

A Victorian Pickle or Oyster Fork, London 1838, John Harris.    Read more

Maker: JOHN HARRIS (worked from 1818)


An Irish provincial Oyster Fork.

An Irish small fiddle pattern Oyster Fork, marked only with 'Sterling', Cork circa 1825. Engraved with a contemporary crest.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


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