Tea and Coffee

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An Honest Tea Caddy

A late Victorian Doulton pottery Tea Caddy, 'Honest Tea is the Best Policy', applied on one side with a silver shield, and mounted with a silver neck rim and lid, Chester 1896, Saunders and Shepher...    Read more

Maker: SAUNDERS & SHEPHERD, LONDON (worked from 1886)


A Victorian Milk Jug

A Victorian baluster Cream or Milk Jug, Birmingham 1863, Hirons, Plante and Company.    Read more

Maker: HIRONS AND PLANTE (worked c.1860-c.1890)


A Victorian Tea Infuser

A Victorian egg-shaped Tea Infuser, with suspension chain, London 1863, Thomas Johnson. In original [damaged] case.    Read more

Maker: THOMAS JOHNSON (worked from 1869)


A George III Mote Spoon.

George III shell-back Mote Spoon, circa 1765, struck with a maker's mark twice only    Read more

Maker: Unknown


Mrs. Schieffelin's Teaset

Tiffany and Company.
A mid-19th century Four Piece Teaset, in original wooden case, New York circa 1855.    Read more

Maker: TIFFANY & CO (worked from c.1837)


An arts and crafts Caddy Spoon

A Caddy Spoon, with shell bowl and pierced handle, London 1974, by Gordon Reginald Enfield Southwood [1911-1987. Southwood's mark was registered in 1968.    Read more



A 1940's Four Piece Teaset

A mid-20th century four piece Teaset, Birmingham 1947, Alvic Products Ltd.    Read more

Maker: ALVIC PRODUCTS LTD. (worked from c.1946)


A stylish Jug

A small Cream Jug, Sheffield 1911, Lee and Wigfull.    Read more

Maker: LEE & WIGFULL (HENRY WIGFULL) (worked from 1879)


A George III Caddy Spoon.

A George III large bowl Caddy Spoon, with feather edge engraving and Onslow terminal, London, circa 1770, the maker's mark poorly struck.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An Arts and Crafts Caddy Spoon.

A Caddy Spoon with plain hammered bowl and twisted wire handle, London 1915, Charles James Plucknett & Company.    Read more

Maker: CHARLES JAMES PLUCKNETT (worked from c.1890)


An Avignon Coffee Pot

A Louis XVIth Coffee Pot, Avignon, circa 1775, Jean-Pierre Violet.    Read more

Maker: JEAN-PIERRE VIOLET (worked from 1774)


A George IV silver Caddy Spoon.

A George IV Caddy Spoon, London 1829, Robert Hennell, the bowl formed as three vine leaves with tendrils and the handle as two conjoined encircled branches.    Read more

Maker: ROBERT HENNELL II (worked 1809-1833)


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