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A pair of arts and crafts Salad Servers

Amy Sandheim.
A pair of Salad servers, with stylised seal top terminal and hammered bowls, London 1928.    Read more

Maker: AMY SANDHEIM (worked c.1915-c.1939)


An early 18th century Funnel

A small early 18th century Funnel, circa 1710,    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Grocers' Company Tazza.

Grocers' Company.
A Tazza in the arts and crafts manner, London 1935, Searle and Company,    Read more

Maker: SEARLE & COMPANY LTD (worked from c.1900)


A large Victorian silver Beaker

A Victorian large size Beaker with bright-cut decoration between bands of beading, London 1875, Joseph and Edward Bradbury,    Read more

Maker: JOSEPH & EDWARD BRADBURY (worked 1855-1905)


An arts and crafts Sugar Caster

A.E. Bonner.
A Caster with bayonet fitting top, London 1911. The foot loaded. The surface hammered with a band of chased decoration.    Read more

Maker: ALBERT EDWARD BONNER (worked 1905-1915)


A tiny George III Magnifying Glass

An unmarked silver miniature Magnifying Glass, circa 1820. Engraved with a contemporary crest and gothic initials 'RW.'    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An early silver Clasp

A Clasp, for a bracelet or necklace, engraved with a seeded rose, maker's mark only 'TK', circa 1710. This mark is often ascribed to Thomas Kedden, or Kedder,of London, but the attribution remains ...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An early 18th century Child's Rattle

An early 18th century Rattle with bells, the end inset with coral, maker's mark only 'TM' conjoined, circa 1710. Engraved with contemporary initials RB.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Pencil Holder with Vinaigrette

An unmarked silver Pencil Holder, the end applied with a tiny Vinaigrette, English, circa 1820.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An Estruscan style Brooch

An Etruscan style Brooch, Shiebler and Company of New York, circa 1880.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE SHIEBLER (worked 1876-1910)


A 17th century Bodkin

A 17th century Bodkin, circa 1660, the end formed as a crowned heart above a rose, struck with a maker's mark and engraved with initials 'ML'.
The maker's mark is not determinable.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Royal Toy

Princess Victoria.
A George IV Toy Teapot and covered Sugar Bowl, London 1821, Robert Hennell:    Read more

Maker: ROBERT HENNELL II (worked 1809-1833)


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