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A Sea Captain's Silver Flagon.

A large William IV Presentation Tankard, London 1835, John Tapley,    Read more

Maker: JOHN TAPLEY (worked from 1834)


A Victorian novelty Pepper Pot Knight.

A Victorian novelty Pepper Pot in the form of a medieval Knight in full armour wielding a spiked mace, London 1880, Louis Dee. The visor hinges to enable the pot to be filled. The interior and part...    Read more

Maker: LOUIS DEE, LONDON (worked c.1859-1884)


A Victorian novelty Pepper Pot Cat.

A Victorian novelty Pepper pot in the form of a seated Cat, London 1887, Jane Brownett.    Read more

Maker: JANE BROWNETT, LONDON (worked from 1868)


Two Royal Presents from Queen Charlotte.

Two gold mounted George III Almanacs. The smaller example, 1817, bound in red Morocco, with a manuscript note 'Given to me by the Queen on Xmas day 1818 Windsor Melville' and with a card in the int...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A large Victorian Milk Jug.

A large size Victorian Cream Jug, London 1883, W and J. Barnard. The interior gilt.    Read more

Maker: W & J BARNARD, LONDON (worked from 1877)


A George III Sugar Basin.

A George III helmet Sugar Basin, London 1795, Robert and David Hennell.    Read more

Maker: ROBERT AND DAVID HENNELL (worked from c.1763)


A pair of Victorian Perfume Bottles.

A Victorian pair of miniature spherical glass Perfume Bottles, with silver-gilt mounts, London 1885, George Brace. The top of one bottle opens by unscrewing and the other with a push button catch a...    Read more

Maker: GEORGE BRACE, LONDON (worked from 1859)


A James II Toy Colander

A James II Toy colander with handle, London 1685 [probably], George Manjoy.
This is almost certainly the colander illustrated by Houart in 'Miniature Silver Toys'.s.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE MANJOY (worked 1685-c.1725)


A William and Mary silver Toy.

A Toy William and Mary Goblet, struck with Britannia maker's mark and lion's head erased for George Manjoy, London circa 1700.
This goblet is almost certainly the toy illustrated by Victor Ho...    Read more

Maker: GEORGE MANJOY (worked 1685-c.1725)


A Hanoverian Royal Candlestick

A Royal Candlestick in antiquarian taste, London 1836, John Tapley and Company.    Read more

Maker: JOHN TAPLEY (worked from 1834)


An Irish Mug.

A Victorian Irish Pint Mug, in the 18th century manner, 1872 Dublin, J. Smyth,    Read more

Maker: JAMES SMYTH (worked from c.1845)


A George II Pint Mug.

A George II Pint Mug, London 1753, Shaw and Priest.    Read more

Maker: WILLIAM SHAW AND WILLIAM PRIEST (worked from c.1749)


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