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A 17th century Thimble

An unmarked 17th century German Thimble,    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Charles Boyton Toastrack.

Charles Boyton.
A Toastrack, London 1932. Signed 'Charles Boyton' underneath.    Read more

Maker: CHARLES BOYTON (1885-1958)


An Arts and Crafts Spoon

A long Spoon in the arts and crafts manner, with hammered bowl and Celtic knot finial, Winifred King and Company, Birmingham 1928    Read more

Maker: WINIFRED KING & CO, BIRMINGHAM (worked from 1933)


A Child's Mug.

A Child's Mug, London 1946, Wakely and Wheeler.    Read more

Maker: JAMES WAKELY & FRANK CLARKE WHEELER (worked from c.1884)


A Celtic Revival Brooch

A Celtic Revival Brooch, silver-gilt, unmarked. Applied with a design registration lozenge for 23rd July 1849.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


Dr. Caleb Parry's silver Butter Shells

A pair of George III Butter Shells, London 1800, William Bennett.    Read more

Maker: WILLIAM BENNETT (worked from 1796)


A George III Scottish Bowl.

A George III Scottish octagonal Bowl, Edinburgh 1806, Patrick Cunningham and Sons.    Read more

Maker: PATRICK CUNNINGHAM AND SONS (worked from c.1806)


A William IV Spirit Flask

A William IV Spirit Flask, with a detachable cup with gilt interior, London 1837, maker 'GR'    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A pair of George III York long Scissors.

A long pair of George III silver and steel Scissors, one arm engraved with a crest, Prince and Cattles [incuse mark], York, 1805.    Read more

Maker: PRINCE AND CATTLES (worked 1804-1807)


A pair of George III sprung Candle Snuffers.

A pair of George III sprung Candle Snuffers with reed and shell handles, London 1810, Emes and Barnard.    Read more

Maker: REBECCA EMES & EDWARD BARNARD I (worked from 1808)


Silver mounted Dividers.

Two pairs of Victorian Dividers, unmarked silver and steel, in a contemporary case with a plaque engraved with a crest and motto for the family of Grace inset. Circa 1860.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A 70's silver Candlestick

A modern single Candlestick formed as a segment of a circle, Sheffield 1973, maker 'RR'.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


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