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A pair of George III Sugar Sifting Spoons.

A Pair of George III silver-gilt old English thread pattern Sugar Sifting Spoons, London 1789, George Smith and William Fearn.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE SMITH III & WILLIAM FEARN, LONDON (worked 1786-1797)


A Scottish Punch Ladle

A Scottish Punch Ladle with wooden handle, maker's mark only, probably Peter Sutherland, Edinburgh, circa 1830. The bowl of the ladle chased with stags and eagles amidst Scootish scenes of hills, w...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A set of Victorian Teaspoons

A set of six Victorian Teaspoons of unknown pattern, London 1871, Francis Higgins.    Read more

Maker: FRANCIS HIGGINS, LONDON (worked 1817-1939)


A set of William IV Salt Spoons

A set of four William IV Salt Spoons, Kings shape with gilt bowls, London 1835, Mary Chawner,    Read more

Maker: MARY CHAWNER, LONDON (worked from c.1825)


A pair of George IV Grape Scissors.

A pair of George IV silver-gilt Grape Scissors, vine and grape decoration, William, Charles and Henry Eley, London 1824.
Struck also with a French tax mark.    Read more

Maker: WILLIAM, CHARLES AND HENRY ELEY (worked 1824-1825)


A set of Scottish Teaspoons

A Set of six Spoons, Edinburgh 1944, Sybil Norah Pringle.
   Read more

Maker: SYBIL NORAH PRINGLE (worked from 1941)


A Spice Sifting Spoon

A small George IV spice sifting Spoon, London 1828, John Brydie.    Read more

Maker: JOHN BRYDIE (worked from c.1823)


An Arts and Crafts Spoon

A long Spoon in the arts and crafts manner, with hammered bowl and Celtic knot finial, Winifred King and Company, Birmingham 1928    Read more

Maker: WINIFRED KING & CO, BIRMINGHAM (worked from 1933)


A George III Salad Fork

A George III old english pattern Salad Fork, London 1784, Richard Crossley.    Read more

Maker: RICHARD CROSSLEY, LONDON (worked c.1775-1815)


A George III Irish Sauce Ladle

A George III Irish Sauce ladle with shell bowl and flat-chased handle, Dublin , circa 1760, Christopher Skinner.    Read more

Maker: CHRISTOPHER SKINNER (worked from c.1739)


A pair of Victorian Servers.

A pair of Victorian Serving spades, Elkington and Co., Birmingham 1888,    Read more

Maker: ELKINGTON & COMPANY (founded 1832)


A Victorian Serving Spoon

A Victorian old english thread pattern Gravy Spoon, London 1861, George Adams.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE ADAMS (worked c.1850-1883)


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