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A set of Sauce Ladles

A set of four old English pattern Sauce Ladles, London 1785, Smith and Fearn.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE SMITH III & WILLIAM FEARN, LONDON (worked 1786-1797)


A set of Arts and Crafts Coffee Spoons

A set of six Coffee Spoons in the arts and crafts manner, C.J. Plucknett and Company, London 1915.    Read more

Maker: CHARLES JAMES PLUCKNETT (worked from c.1890)


A pair of arts and crafts Salad Servers

Amy Sandheim.
A pair of Salad servers, with stylised seal top terminal and hammered bowls, London 1928.    Read more

Maker: AMY SANDHEIM (worked c.1915-c.1939)


A George III Cayenne Pepper Spoon.

A George III old English pattern Cayenne Spoon, London 1804, John Blake. Engraved with a contemporary crest. The bowl with gilding.    Read more

Maker: JOHN BLAKE (worked from c.1800)


A small Knife

A small Knife with unmarked silver handle with a granulated surface, circa 1700, Euopean. The blade with cutler's mark 'f'    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Curious silver Implement.

An unusual Implement for lifting fruit or pickles from a jar, with a sugar crusher at the opposite end, London 1921, Carrington and Company.    Read more

Maker: CARRINGTON & CO LTD (worked from 1922)


A Pair of Victorian Salad Servers.

A pair of Victorian Salad Servers with twisted handles imitating whalebone, London 1872, George Adams.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE ADAMS (worked 1840-1883)


A George III Mote Spoon.

George III shell-back Mote Spoon, circa 1765, struck with a maker's mark twice only    Read more

Maker: Unknown


Three Irish Oyster Forks.

A group of three Irish Fiddle pattern Oyster Forks: one J. Buckton, 1828; one J. Buckton, 1833, engraved with script initial; one Peter Walsh, 1839, engraved script initials.
The weight given...    Read more

Maker: JOSHUA BUCKTON, DUBLIN (worked from 1809)


A set of Victorian Drink Mixers.

A set of Victorian Cordial mixers, with Fruit knife and Tongs, London 1879, Henry Holland.    Read more



A George III Gravy Spoon from Killerton.

A George III old English pattern Gravy Spoon, London, 1771, Thomas Dealtry [probably]. The spoon terminal is engraved with the crest of Acland of Killerton, Devon.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A set of Murphy Spoons.

H.G. Murphy.
A set of six Spoons, each inlaid with niello spring flowers, London 1931.    Read more



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