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A Victorian Serving Slice.

A Victorian parcel-gilt Server, single struck Grecian pattern, London 1883, Aldwinckle and Slater,    Read more

Maker: JOHN ALDWINCKLE & JAMES SLATER (worked from c.1883)


A George II Scottish Soup Ladle.

A George II Hanoverian pattern Scottish Soup Ladle, Edinburgh 1755, assay master Hugh Gordon, by Ker and Dempster.    Read more

Maker: JAMES KER AND WILLIAM DEMPSTER (worked from c.1749)


A George III Mote Spoon.

George III shell-back Mote Spoon, circa 1765, struck with a maker's mark twice only    Read more

Maker: Unknown


Three Irish Oyster Forks.

A group of three Irish Fiddle pattern Oyster Forks: one J. Buckton, 1828; one J. Buckton, 1833, engraved with script initial; one Peter Walsh, 1839, engraved script initials.
The weight given...    Read more

Maker: JOSHUA BUCKTON, DUBLIN (worked from 1809)


A set of Victorian Drink Mixers.

A set of Victorian Cordial mixers, with Fruit knife and Tongs, London 1879, Henry Holland.    Read more



A Set of six Owl Spoons.

Jocelyn Burton.
A set of six small Spoons, London 1985, the terminals formed as owls. The spoons are in their original case.    Read more

Maker: JOCELYN BURTON (born 1946)


A George III Gravy Spoon from Killerton.

A George III old English pattern Gravy Spoon, London, 1771, Thomas Dealtry [probably]. The spoon terminal is engraved with the crest of Acland of Killerton, Devon.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A set of Murphy Spoons.

H.G. Murphy.
A set of six Spoons, each inlaid with niello spring flowers, London 1931.    Read more



A Victorian Invalid's Fork with knife blade.

A Victorian single-struck bead edge pattern Fork with detachable knife blade, London 1857, George Adams.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE ADAMS (worked 1840-1883)


A pair of George III Sugar Sifting Spoons.

A Pair of George III silver-gilt old English thread pattern Sugar Sifting Spoons, London 1789, George Smith and William Fearn.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE SMITH III & WILLIAM FEARN, LONDON (worked 1786-1797)


A Scottish Punch Ladle

A Scottish Punch Ladle with wooden handle, maker's mark only, probably Peter Sutherland, Edinburgh, circa 1830. The bowl of the ladle chased with stags and eagles amidst Scootish scenes of hills, w...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A pair of George IV Grape Scissors.

A pair of George IV silver-gilt Grape Scissors, vine and grape decoration, William, Charles and Henry Eley, London 1824.
Struck also with a French tax mark.    Read more

Maker: WILLIAM, CHARLES AND HENRY ELEY (worked 1824-1825)


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