Cups and Goblets


A large plain silver Beaker.

A full-size plain Beaker of good gauge, London 1928, Page Keen and Page, retailers of Plymouth.    Read more

Maker: PAGE, KEEN & PAGE (worked from 1871)


A Boyton Goblet.

Charles Boyton,
A Goblet in the arts and crafts style with applied roses at the base of the conical body, London 1936.    Read more

Maker: CHARLES BOYTON (1885-1958)


An Irish Great-grandmother's Christening Gift.

A George III Two-handled Cup, Dublin 1770, Charles Townsend    Read more

Maker: CHARLES TOWNSEND OF DUBLIN (worked c.1760-1780)


A Victorian Picnic Beaker.

A Victorian engine-turned collapsible Picnic Beaker with gilt interior, London 1859, Brownett and Rose.    Read more

Maker: JOHN HARRIS OF HARRIS, BROWNETT & ROSE (worked from 1853)


A Victorian Christening Mug

A Victorian Christening Mug with gilt interior, London 1849, Reily and Storer, the panelled sides engraved with figures representing the four seasons of the year alternating with floral sprays and,...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A George III Quart Mug

A George III Quart Mug, London 1772, Charles Wright.    Read more

Maker: CHARLES WRIGHT, LONDON (worked c.1754-1790)


A South American Mug

A Mug, struck with a maker's mark only, three times, probably Spanish Colonial, circa 1800.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


George III Miniature Goblet

A George III small size Wine Goblet, London 1799, Peter and Ann Bateman,    Read more

Maker: PETER & ANN BATEMAN, LONDON (worked 1791-1805)


A Silver Child's Mug.

R.E. Stone.
A Child's Mug, London, 1935.    Read more

Maker: ROBERT EDGAR STONE (worked 1929-1990)