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A Victorian novelty Piano Match Case

A Victorian table Match Box and Cigarette Case in the form of an upright Piano, the interior gilt and the exterior engraved with a crest and monogram, London 1886, George Heath for Asprey's.The pia...    Read more

Maker: GEORGE HEATH, LONDON (worked 1877-c.1905)


Two shagreen and silver Cases.

Two late 19th century Cases, one containing a scent bottle, each covered with shagreen and mounted in unmarked silver in the 18th century manner. European circa 1890.

Dimensions given ...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


Two 18th century Tobacco Boxes.

Two 18th century Tobacco Boxes, both oval and with hinged lids. The earlier example, maker's mark only, Francis Harache, London circa 1755, and engraved with the crest [lid] and arms [under base] o...    Read more

Maker: FRANCIS HARRACHE, LONDON (worked from 1738)


An Austrian silver and enamel Case.

An Austrian silver and enamel Cigarette Case, with vesta compartment, striker and fusee. Georg Adam Scheid, Vienna, circa 1893. Marked 'G.A.S.' and the Austrian 900 standard mark. The front of the ...    Read more

Maker: GEORG ADAM SCHEID, VIENNA (worked from 1882)


A Scottish Volunteer Regiment Snuffbox.

A Scottish Snuffbox, struck with maker's marks only for A.G. Wighton, Edinburgh. The lid of the box is engraved: 'The Grenadier Compy. 4th Regt. N.B. Militia to Lieut D. Morison as a Testimony of t...    Read more

Maker: A. G. WIGHTON. (worked from c.1830)


An 18th century Snuffbox

An 18th century gilt-metal Snuffbox, with repousse hinged lid, flat-chased bombe side, and engine-turned base. Circa 1745, European.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A William IV Vinaigrette

A William IV Vinaigrette with engine turned decoration and cast applied floral border, Birmingham 1836, Nathaniel Mills. The top with contemporary gothic initials 'M.A.P.'    Read more

Maker: NATHANIEL MILLS, BIRMINGHAM (worked 1826-1857)


A George III Nutmeg Grater

A George III oval Nutmeg Grater, Birmingham 1807, Matthew Linwood.    Read more

Maker: MATTHEW LINWOOD OF BIRMINGHAM (worked 1773-1820)


A souvenir of the Betsy Cains.

Betsy Cains.
A circular wooden Snuffbox, the pull-off lid inset with copper inscribed: 'Made from the Wreck of the Betsy Cains 1688 which brought King William to England.' and in the centre: ...    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A 20th century Enamelled Box

A 20th century Box with pull-off lid, Birmingham 1964, the maker 'EJ' above 'R'. The lid is enamelled with a pattern of flower-heads.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A silver-gilt Book-shaped Vinaigrette.

A silver-gilt William IV book form Vinaigrette, the covers and spine engine-turned, London 1830, Thomas Diller.    Read more

Maker: THOMAS DILLER, LONDON (worked from c.1825)


A tiny 18th century silver-gilt Box.

A silver-gilt engine-turned small Box, German circa 1760.The lid unscrews.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


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