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A Victorian Fusee Box.

A Victorian Fusee Box, London 1861, Benjamin Barling,    Read more

Maker: BENJAMIN BARLING & SONS, LONDON (worked from c.1845)


A Victorian Vinaigrette.

A Victorian Vinaigrette, Birmingham 1840, N.Mills, scroll engraved.    Read more

Maker: NATHANIEL MILLS, BIRMINGHAM (worked 1826-1857)


A George II Snuffbox.

A George II Snuffbox, unmarked circa 1730, the top inset with an engraved mother of pearl panel,    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Victorian Purse.

A Victorian Purse. with silk interior, Birmingham 1885, Horton and Allday,    Read more

Maker: HORTON & ALLDAY OF BIRMINGHAM (worked 1888-1933)


An early 18th century Gold mounted Box

An early 18th century oval gold-mounted blonde tortoiseshell Snuffbox, English, circa 1725,    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An early 18th century Bodkin Case.

An unmarked silver Bodkin Case, with remnants of gilding, the hinged top with engraved button catch, circa 1700.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An unusual Victorian silver Box.

An unusual Victorian pouch-shaped Box with suspension ring and air-tight flush-hinged lid, London 1859, Rawlings and Summers.    Read more

Maker: RAWLINGS & SUMMERS, LONDON (worked from c.1829)


A Victorian silver Palanquin Vesta.

A Victorian Table Vesta Case formed as a palanquin, with gilt interior, London 1886, Jane Brownett.    Read more

Maker: JANE BROWNETT, LONDON (worked from 1868)


A Victorian Multiple-Use Case

A Victorian combined Card case, cigarette case, vesta and sovereign holder, London 1898, William Hornby.    Read more

Maker: WILLIAM HORNBY, LONDON (worked 1898-1913)


An Artist's Watercolour Paint Box

A cylindrical Artist's Watercolour Box, London 1913, William Hornby.
Lacking paints, apart from the brown. The box contains a small pencil and brush.    Read more

Maker: WILLIAM HORNBY, LONDON (worked 1898-1913)


A Victorian Seal with Sewing Necessaire.

A Victorian Seal with Sewing Necessaire, the bloodstone matrix cut with gothic initials, the case, which is chased with scrollwork and birds of paradise, contains an unmarked thimble and spool wind...    Read more

Maker: THOMAS JOHNSON, LONDON (worked from 1869)


A George IV circular Snuffbox.

A circular George IV Snuffbox with pull-off lid, engine-turned decoration and applied foliate border, Birmingham 1824, Robert Mitchell. The interior gilt.    Read more

Maker: ROBERT MITCHELL (worked from 1821)


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