Badges, Medals & Prizes

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An Anglesey Hunt Badge

Anglesey Hunt. A commemorative hunt badge in the form of a frosted silver horn applied with a hound, London 1888, GC,    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Tewkesbury Oddfellows Jewel with a political connection.

A George III Jewel for the Tewkesbury Lodge of Oddfellows, Number 5, 'Holland Griffith No. 32', London 1792, Peter and Ann Bateman.    Read more

Maker: PETER & ANN BATEMAN, LONDON (worked 1791-1805)


A George III silver Dog Couple for the Carnarvon Hunt.

A George III silver and couple for a pair of dogs, George Lowe, Chester, 1816.    Read more

Maker: GEORGE LOWE (worked c.1794-c.1833)


William Banting's Writing Prize.

An early Victorian Writing Prize in the form of a Quill Pen, London 1839, Rawlings and Summers.    Read more

Maker: RAWLINGS & SUMMERS, LONDON (worked from c.1829)


A Masonic Jewel.

A Victorian Masonic Treasurer's Key Collar Jewel, part marked by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1841    Read more

Maker: JOSEPH WILLMORE, BIRMINGHAM (worked 1798-1843)


A Ticket for Vauxhall Gardens

An oval ivory Vauxhall Gardens Ticket, engraved on one side "1808 Vauxhall Two", and on the other "Mr. Biven".    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Glasgow Mathematics Prize

A Prize for Mathematics from Glasgow University awarded by H. Blackman to John Alison MacFadyen, 1855.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Victorian Naval Prize Oar.

A Victorian Prize Oar, London 1872, George Angell,    Read more

Maker: GEORGE ANGELL (worked 1850-1889)


A City of London Deputy's Badge.

A Victorian silver-gilt Badge for the Chairman of the City of London Lord Mayor's Committee, London 1842, John MacGregor.    Read more

Maker: JOHN MACGREGOR (worked 1817-c.1860)


A Prize for Robert Peel.

Sir Robert Peel [1788-1850; Prime Minister 1835-6 and 1841-6].
A silver Prize Medal from Whalley Agriculture Society,    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A North Yorkshire School Badge.

An early 18th century unmarked School Badge for the Old School in Well, North Yorkshire, circa 1724:    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Selkirk School Prize.

A Scottish oval School Prize Medal, maker's mark only three times, awarded to William Lang of Selkirk School for Greek writing in 1836.    Read more

Maker: WILLIAM MARSHALL, EDINBURGH (worked from 1791)


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