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A stylish Sauceboat

R.E. Stone.
A Sauceboat and ladle, London 1955 and 1956. Engraved with a seeded rose.
Dimensions: Sauceboat 9.7 cm high, 15.5the cm long, 10.4 cm wide. Ladle 13.2 cm long, 5.6 cm wide....    Read more

Maker: ROBERT EDGAR STONE (worked 1929-1990)


A pair of Devlin Fish Servers.

Stuart Devlin.
A pair of parcel-gilt Fish Servers with chiselled handles, London 1968.    Read more

Maker: STUART DEVLIN, LONDON (born 1931)


A pair of arts and crafts Salad Servers

Amy Sandheim.
A pair of Salad servers, with stylised seal top terminal and hammered bowls, London 1928.    Read more

Maker: AMY SANDHEIM (worked c.1915-c.1939)


An early 18th century Funnel

A small early 18th century Funnel, circa 1710,    Read more

Maker: Unknown


A Squirrel Wine Label.

A modern Wine Label for Port, the top formed as a cast squirrel, London 1986, Brian Fuller.    Read more

Maker: BRIAN LESLIE FULLER, LONDON (worked from 1975)


A William IV Dental Mirror

An unmarked silver folding Dental Mirror, the interior with a folded paper with 'B. Taylor Feby. 7 1831. London'
The dimensions given below are for the mirror when folded.    Read more

Maker: Unknown


An Edwardian Medicine Case.

An Edwardian Medicine Case, with silver-gilt container for pills, funnel, cup and engraved glass measure, London 1902, Finnigans. Engraved underneath with the retailers' name 'Finnigans Manchester'...    Read more

Maker: FINNIGANS LTD (worked from 1901)


A Grocers' Company Tazza.

Grocers' Company.
A Tazza in the arts and crafts manner, London 1935, Searle and Company,    Read more

Maker: SEARLE & COMPANY LTD (worked from c.1900)


A large Victorian silver Beaker

A Victorian large size Beaker with bright-cut decoration between bands of beading, London 1875, Joseph and Edward Bradbury,    Read more

Maker: JOSEPH & EDWARD BRADBURY (worked 1855-1905)


A Victorian Milk Jug

A Victorian baluster Cream or Milk Jug, Birmingham 1863, Hirons, Plante and Company.    Read more

Maker: HIRONS AND PLANTE (worked c.1860-c.1890)


An arts and crafts Sugar Caster

A.E. Bonner.
A Caster with bayonet fitting top, London 1911. The foot loaded. The surface hammered with a band of chased decoration.    Read more

Maker: ALBERT EDWARD BONNER (worked 1905-1915)


A George IV Bucellas Wine Label

A George IV Wine Label pierced for Bucellas, with shell and grape decoration, London 1821, the maker's mark pierced but probably Charles Rawlings.    Read more

Maker: CHARLES RAWLINGS, LONDON (worked c.1815-1829)


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